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"Not just an idea anymore, but an inevitability" ...

... On Saturday, July 2nd, I interviewed and photographed those that attended Wrecsam's independence demonstration, the first in Wales since the beginning of the pandemic. People from all ages and backgrounds told me independence would mean freedom, self-determination, and celebration of Wales' distinct identity.


George, Penarth


Neoliberal individualism is in place to separate people from their community. Eliminating the [House of] Lords for a democracy that can do so much better; by the people for the people.


Group of four, Dolwyddelan


Wales produces twice as much electricity as it consumes, and money is generated that goes to London … 1 in 3 children in Wales currently go hungry, but this wouldn’t be the case if Wales had [control of its resources].


Twm & Sunni, Ynys Môn (Anglesey)


You shouldn’t have to fight for your freedom, your freedom should be free!


It is paramount to protect your family. All Wales wants to do is rule its own country, not the people - the people are the ones who rule the country. 


Hiraeth is a Welsh word, it’s a feeling of belonging, and that is what Wales has given me. Home is where the heart is - I’m (Sunni) English but Wales is my home.


Group of four, Caernarfon


The [Westminster] government is currently inept and incompetent with a lack of direction.


Independence could require pushing not just the culture, but the facts and figures on economic reliability for Wales


Rolando and Tony, Wrexham


We have lived in Wrexham for 3 years with Welsh people. We have a close connection to them and what’s important to them is to have a voice.


Although Welsh people are being repressed from expressing themselves, [Welsh independence] isn't just about heart and spirit, it’s about facts!


Difference is not a bad thing, to celebrate ‘Welshness’.  Scotland, England, and Wales should respect each other’s choices.


Kay and Leigh, South Pembroke


“People ask, ‘why independence?’ - what we should be asking is, ‘can it be any worse?’.


In reference to Wales’ seats in the UK Parliament which currently stands at 40 out of 650, a total of just 6% : “Voting for what we want, is not what we get. How can you get a good deal with Westminster?”

Anonymous, Wrexham


“I’m English but I support Independence”

Roy, Flint


“I am proud of who I am but ashamed I cannot speak my language (Welsh)”


Tomos and Oliver


“It’s important to speak to Welsh people for a new perspective”


Taiwo, Bangor


It is about liberation, it will happen.

Independence means freedom, and you can do anything with freedom.


Ianto and Rhys, Pentrefoelas


Westminster has become a big shithouse. They have shown their true colours and that they don’t look out for Wales. The only way forward is independence.


Caitlin, Mochdre


Independence is about getting away from the corruption in Westminster. 


Group of three


We don’t need England, England needs us; Welsh independence would mean protecting our resources.


Conor, Coedpoeth


I am here today to support Wales’ access to self-determination and to take control of our destiny. 


Westminster obviously isn’t working for wales and we have shown we can succeed in so many areas, I believe this says a lot about our resilience!


Nathan and Sam, Llangollen


This is is an opportunity to progress as a people, secure a better future, and preserve our culture! 


Independence is for everyone of all backgrounds in Wales, why should we be ruled by people that hate us?


Roopa and Hitesh, Caerffili


We are fed up with Westminster; Welsh independence is about restoring a sense of community, this is a movement for everyone!




Welsh independence stands for Wales' right to self-determination, the right to make our own decisions!

Cian, Nefyn


The growth of support [for independence] shows the current division between Wales and England. 


I used to support the Union, but since Covid, we can see just how divided the countries are. London receives everything and Wales isn’t treated properly!


Family of three, Wrexham


Idiots from Westminster make decisions and have no idea what happens across the border [in Wales]!


So much sleaze from the Tory party, constantly changing the rules … it’s a disgrace!


Good luck to Scotland, we hope they get their vote.

Ben, Swansea


There have been [62] countries that have gained independence from England, have any of them asked to come back?


I’m here today because I don’t want my daughter being brought up by a leader like Boris Johnson

Carrie Harper, Plaid Cymru county councillor for Queensway ward in Wrecsam, Chair of the Lifelong Learning Scrutiny Committee spoke and said, “marching here today is not enough … we have a wealth of talent to show the rest of the world … the time has come to give Wales something to believe in, deffro'r ddraig (waking the dragon)!”


Dafydd Iwan, singer and welsh political activist spoke and sang his song Yma O Hyd ("Still Here"), a favourite among young, energetic Welsh independence supporters for its patriotic lyrics. 

In his speech,

A new spirit is spreading throughout Wales, and the feeling is growing that we can do better for the people of Wales if we do it ourselves. That is the true meaning of Independence, not a separation, but joining all the other nations who govern themselves. Wales is beginning to believe in itself, and nothing can hold back a nation which has self-belief.


Other speakers such as Pol Wong a 33rd generation Shaolin Monk, author poet and activist Evrah Rose, Co-Chair of Labour4IndyWales and Penparcau Town Councillor Dylan Lewis-Rowlands, Archdruid Myrddin ap Dafydd, and ‘Her Game Too' football ambassador Roopa Vyas amplified their own perspective on what independence could be for the people of Wales.


Entertainer Tudur Owen asked, “why shouldn’t Wales be independent?” and expanded further stating that, “we are experiencing the final days of a broken, corrupt institution. We will march and fight together constitutionally.”

Lastly, leaders from Sinn Féin and Catalonia also wrote to the crowd that gathered in Wrexham. They stated that Wales could count on their support for independence and the countries, “share not just the same spirit, but the same experience”.

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