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My first photo-book titled, Everything Will Kill You, So Choose Something Proactive, is a collection of images shot from 2018 to 2022. Most of the images were shot in Britain, but I have also shared work that took place in America and France. The work focuses on sublime, chaotic, and even peaceful (albeit disruptive) elements and has become an exploratory research into the similarities that bind rapidly fluid groups of people and the unpredictable energy that ensues.

The pages are printed as A5 size with 88 pages on 200gsm Silk

The Cover is printed on 350gsm Silk Matte Lamination


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Captured in Paris over multiple weekends for @HUCKmagazine, documenting the ongoing wave of protests against the controversial reform bill raising the pension age from 62 to 64.

The article can be found at:

Anti-Islam activist and former EDL (English Defence League) leader, Tommy Robinson visited Telford to premier his new documentary, "The R*pe of Britain".


Thousands of his followers came to the small Midlands town in support, as well as hundreds of counter-protestors under , "Stands Up To Racism Shropshire".

"Helping Keith with His Photography" has been a project I've worked on and off over the last 2 years and has taken a new direction in the form of different visual imagery.


Keith, my blind friend, someone who relies so heavily on the auditory and kinesthetic, has managed to engage with photography and communicate his creativity without these elements.


Keith shares his own personal history, his outlook on philosophy, and has also taped from the safety of his home, various people over the years that he believes to be "a danger to society".

In a last effort to force amendments to the upcoming PCSE Bill vote in the House of Lords, demonstrators gathered in cities all over the UK on January 8th, 2022. Former Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn as well as various BLM UK advocates spoke to a crowd of thousands in a rally that started in Holborn.

In the end, the House of Lords rejected many key aspects of the UK Government's Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill such as a government proposal to allow police to stop and search anyone at a protest “without suspicion” was rejected by 212 votes to 128, majority 84.

The "Million Mask March" in London which is an annual protest that aims to address government corruption and socio-political issues of the past year.


This took place in London on November 5th 2021. Both police and and protestors clashed and up to 12 people were arrested.

December 8th, 2021 saw further demonstrations against the then upcoming PCSE Bill vote.


No arrests were made, but clashes between protestors and police occurred. Guest speakers such as Labour MP Nadia Whittome and BLM Merseyside Chantelle Lunt were present in Victoria Gardens to oppose the bill.

Kill the Bill, London - 01.05.21

May Day in London saw a number of organizations including Antifa and No to Nato take to the streets.

Arsenal football fans protest the formation of the European Super League prior to the match with Everton.

Adam Price speaking to workers and media at the Castell Howell packaging plant near Llanelli, Wales prior to his election in the 2021 Senedd Election.

Justice will be served in due process if it is the judgment of courts to prosecute Officer Chase Babek-Miller. I went to Cano's memorial protest on Friday and met a handful of people willing to speak to me. This is what happened.

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